Camping and More in the Cerro Mágico

April 8, 2017

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Puerto Rico Sur, in collaboration with Casa Pueblo, hosted an event titled: Acampando y algo más en el Cerro Mágico, Camping and more in the Cerro Mágico. The event took place on the 18th of march in Adjuntas, P.R. As the participants arrived, they started setting up their camping gear and tents and then headed to dinner at Adjuntas la Bellota (local restaurant) to enjoy a delightful dinner in the resCamping and More in Cerro Mágicotaurants’s local criollo cuisine.

The idea was to give our participants the incredible experience of camping for one night underneath the starry night of el Cerro Mágico in the Olimpia School Forest in Adjuntas. We took advantage of the cold night in Adjunta’s mountains to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate made with puerto rican cacao while we watched the stars. Around the fire, we created a space for fraternity with our participants all the while enjoying the impressive night’s sky. This is something else. Being here, in the mountains, witnessing the universe from puerto rican soil. It’s something you have to be here to enjoy. 

The next day, at dawn, we woke with the sound of the birds. Panaderia Go Destiny Café delighted the group with a delicious criollo breakfast around the camping sight. After breakfast we started packing up and closing our tents, organizing ourselves for the next part of the event: an interpretative walk through the Olimpia School Forest with the purpose of healing. We went up to the Pico la Libertad after some ecotherapeutic experiences. From the pico, we enjoyed a panoramic view of Puerto Rico’s north watershed.

Coming back down from the hike, we took a dip in refreshing waters of the Ciénega river, origin of the Great river of Arecibo. Finally, the event’s activities end in the Casa Pueblo Museum where we discover the story of this community project.

Camping and More in Cerro Mágico

Camping and More in Cerro Mágico

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